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PVC Rigid Sheet


PVC Rigid sheet like that of flexible sheet carries properties of chemical resistance and can be used as alternative of Floor Tiles or Marbles for Chemical Prone areas. This Product is a solution for load carrying areas and act as protective layer where daily activities are perform under Harmful  chemical reactions and can destruct civil floor. Due to high Strength it is widely in application of Loaded Areas.

This Product can also be used for fabrication of Various Tanks, Containers, Covers, Holders and Display Boards


  1. High Chemical resistance
  2. Skid free Smooth surface
  3. Long Life
  4. Ability to withstand Load
  5. Allows movement of Material Handling Trolleys and Skids in chemical prone Areas
  6. Durable
  7. Very Low Electrical Conductivity
  8. Heat Resistant
  9. Vibration Resistant


     1. Size:

a) Thickness: 1 mm to 10 mm

b) Width: 200 mm to 1400mm

c)   Length: Customized up to 4000 mm

d)   KPPL Standard Size: 1220mm X 2440mm(4 Feet X 8 Feet)

     2. Surface Finish: Plain
     3. Appearance color: Desirable
     4. Shore Hardness for 3 mm thick standard KPPL Size: 85 D
     5. Flammability: Non Flammable
     6. Specific Gravity: 1.4-1.5
     7. Avg. Tensile Strength At Break: 490 Kg/cm2
     8. Vicat Softening Point for 3 mm Standard KPPL: 80OC
     9. Moisture content for 3 mm Standard KPPL: 0.02% (Water Absorption (% by mass) at room temperature for 24hrs)


It is mainly use for protecting floor against acid and alkali in battery, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and refineries industries. Fabrication of Rigid PVC Sheet can be used for making Tanks, Containers, Covers and Display board which found its applications in worldwide Industries