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Water Cooling & Circulation System

As its name suggests this system can be implement to various applications for Cooling and Circulation but our purpose is not just to give our customer any ordinary system instead this system gives best results by considering all factors and automatically maintaining the flow with temperature difference.
Components of this System is given below with their features and Technical Specifications:

1. Cooling Tower :

Direct access to internal part helping easy maintenance and repair which is negligible. Special composition or raw material in making FRP cooling towers are selected to withstand corrosion, resistant to water borne bacteria and organisms as well as to most of the chemical and is light in weight which permits roof installation without special reinforcement of any kind – vertical induced draft counter flow design permits installation in any direction with freedom-consumes less power (energy) overall because of less air resistance to water theory saving in operational costs-available in various colors matching to exterior architectural beauty. A direct driven axial fan ensures there is free from problems faced with belt and gear drives. We have range of FRP Cooling Tower from 10 TR to 500 TR with Bottle to square type shapes for Chemical resistant conditions including SS Hardware’s


2. Multi Grade Sand Filtering Unit :

For fluid flowing through the pump and cooling tower it is essential to decrease the number of Total Dissolved Solids added with impurities while circulation as they can return to the main process and can damage the entire system For this Purpose Multi Grade Sand Filter Unit can be used which uses different layers of Sand Particles which acts as membrane for fluid flowing through it and restricts the path of TDS carrying with the Fluid. We can provide Multi Grade Sand Filtering Unit up to 200 M3/HR capacity.

3. Circulation Pump :

For fluid to be highly corrosive in nature it requires special pump which can justify the flow without damaging Pipeline and accessories it is passing through. We have Range of Material of construction for pumps including SS316L, GFRPP, ALLOY 20, CI etc. for various applications up to 300 M3/HR of Flow for main circulatio


4. Controlling Sensors and Automation :

As we have already discussed that main purpose of our system is to reduce the ordinary efforts of the customers and providing them best out of that. Fully Automatic Flow Control valves can be used for controlling the inlet flow according to the feedbacks of the system. The feedbacks include Temperature requirements. We have Temperature controllers which gives indications to ow control valves regarding the need of the system. Level Sensors are also introduced to the system so that pump cannot run in dry condition. TDS Sensor is use to have check on Multi Grade Sand Filters Operational working. PH Sensors along with Chemical dosing system can also be used for highly corrosive Fluids.

All Together this system introduces a new creation of circulations which promises in reducing error which are present in ordinary circulation system